I'm Denisa. Christ follower & Newlywed Wife. Through the Lord's grace walking the narrow road. Filled with a love for mountains, adventures, sunsets and the sea. By trade, I'm a photographer, and together with my husband own a coffee shop.

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  • who took your wedding photos? i havent seen any citing from the photographer at all? considering your a photographer im surprised.

    I answered that before :) our photographer was Jessica Janae Photography! As for the citing on tumblr (because in my instagram & facebook I tagged her in my photos and posts about our pics because she has those social media accounts) I honestly simply didn’t think about it because It took so long to actually choose which photos to share and by the time I did choose I was already in that dreamy reminiscing of our day state and didn’t even think about the photographer, just reliving the day we became husband and wife and all the beauty and love overflowing it. And as for why because I’m also a photographer and you’d expect me to do it because of that..when I shoot other’s weddings I do it not only for my own business but for them, and I like them to use them as their photos that they love, not simply my work that they love. It’s great and very kind when others give me the credit and pass it on, especially because I’m not a big renowned photographer (like my photographer is, she’s shooting every day fashion shoots all over the US and every weekend weddings, which is also why we chose her, because I was confident in her and her constant work and endless practice) but I don’t expect my clients to always cite my work because once I give it over to them, it’s also their own photos to share as they will, and I want their photos to bring them back to that day and the people in the photos and the moments, not to me necessarily. Hope that makes sense! :)

    Did you and your husband do a "first look" before the wedding started?

    yep! And these are some of the awesome photos that came out of it! or just go to my photolog tag/life through photos link! 

    I’m a strong advocate for the first look/reveal for the wedding day. Seriously. I mean, you get as much time as you need to just take each other in and enjoy seeing each other for the first time, without having to worry about all the eyes on you (if you were just doing a walking down the aisle first look) and for my husband, he’s a much more reserved person so he doesn’t like to show a lot of emotion in front of people. And when I walked down the aisle, I was sooo conscious of not letting everyone see me crying and my face is so bad trying to compose myself and still look pretty while crying haha, AND even though I was still bawling like a baby and actually sobbing and not able to breathe, the wedding pictures barely show that because of the lighting anddd makeup. AND guess what? Doing the first look doesn’t make the walking down the aisle moment any less what it is. That moment is special all on its own. My husband’s reaction when he first saw me was all “OH MY GOSH! wow..wow..oh my gosh” and for 15 minutes he walked all around me taking me in from EVERY angle, the photographers and videographers and me were all laughing so hard cause he was sooo cute! But then when I walked down the aisle, he cried and - like me - tried to compose himself and be in control of the showing of his feelings, but as soon as he hugged my dad he burst into tears and he bawled like a little baby for the rest of the service, he got more tissues handed to him during the service than I did! haha. Seriously, they’re two different things, and you basically just choose to have the reveal moment or not, because the walking-down-the-aisle is like I said, a totally different and special moment and that’s not even in the discussion, it’s not a reveal vs aisle thing (although many people think of it like that)Well, anyways, besides that factor..it always totally relaxes you to see your bride/groom before the wedding because you start the day together, and you’re reminded of why you’re doing this whole day in the first place! Of what and who you’re celebrating, and you get to go into the whole day together. And besides that, you get to have a lot more time for awesome photos of just the two of you without having to rush for the reception or worry about keeping your guests waiting, or if you’re doing the photos after the reception, you don’t worry about being exhausted + filled with yummy food haha. We wanted to go to so many more places and take pictures after the reception but we were SOOO exhausted and my hair was already messed up and my dress was already heavy and I was sweaty and we just couldn’t do it haha. So yeah, we did the reveal moment and it was AWESOME. 

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  • "Do the truth quietly without display."
  • Dear freaking lord we get it you love your husband and god. Shut up about it. Your nineteen go read a book.

    Hey friend! Sorry to hear that you’re so annoyed it seems by my blog and what I post on it, but this is my  blog and a place that I like to share bits of my heart and things I love, through photos that I reblog, words, words about my husband and what’s in my heart and thoughts, and the Lord above all. If you aren’t enjoying it please feel free to unfollow me! :) There’s really no need to continue to keep up with someone’s life who you don’t want to, and there’s really no need for these kind of negative messages because you are following my blog, and it’s been a personal-style blog for a while, so you can choose and it is your choice not to follow it. Praying blessings your way :) 

    First off I would like to say that your wedding photos are GORGEOUS!! You and your hubby looked amazing and adorable! My favorite one was the reveal of each other, so cute! I'm like gushing right now! ☺ Secondly, who was your wedding photographer?? Thirdly, that is so cool that you and your hubby are opening a coffee shop! Is this something you always wanted to do? How did you get interested in that? You are amazing Denisa! I wish we were friends in real life lol. May the Lord bless you in all!

    Haha thanks so much!! Your message is so awesome haha. Well to start, our wedding photographer was Jessica Janae Photography :) She’s such a hard worker and an example for me as a human and as a photographer! She’s amazing. As for our coffee shop, it was something we both always wished our hometowns would have, and we’re both from Romania and travelling throughout it and throughout Europe, there’s such cool coffee shops and all these shops have that comfortable at-home-but-exploring-still feel if you know what I mean haha. And around here there’s honestly only two coffee shops like that and the rest are the typical in-and-out starbucks and tim hortons. Marius also has a passion for business, so he’s always wanted to run his own business and since he’s been working for another company doing their marketing he’s been seeing a lot more businesses and he just got the idea randomly one day (though we believe it was more God’s leading, and He’s been affirming that all throughout our journey with this business) to start a bubble tea cafe sort of thing, and then it just expanded to all these beverages we both loved and were interested in (italian sodas, loose-leaf teas and all sorts of coffees and coffee-based drinks) and Brewin’ Bros Beverage Company was born! Gah, thanks so much for your kind message! We can sooo be friends, feel free to message me off anon! 

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    Christ is the joy, Christ has saved us. But I still so agree with this, even for believers, there is lots of fighting and trials to go through to know the deepest of joys and the greatest of love more and more and more. 

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  • "There is no
    for happiness.
    No amount of kisses,
    farmer markets,
    cups of tea,
    or core-shaking laughs
    will fix you.
    You have to save yourself.
    You have to
    for that peace."
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  • For how long have you been married now? ps I love your blog

    thanks friend! We’ve been married a full three months and a bit ;) haha. Since June 22nd, 2014! 

    Sorry, I'm a little new to your blog. what is you and your husband's story?

    No problem! I’m in the middle of writing a big post all about it actually (which has been a long time coming and in the making lol) :) buuut long story short we basically met at a youth convention and he was your typical player-type guy and I was the self-righteous christian girl judging him and trying to stay away from him, but we both couldn’t get each other off of our minds for some reason, and so a few months later we became friends for a short while until he stopped talking to me (because he could tell I liked him and didn’t want to pull me along he says now, plus I was 14 and he was 18 and his buddies made fun of him). well a year later God came and changed our lives individually and marius (my husband) started pursuing me again. we prayed and sought out God’s will in all of this, and He revealed to us that our road should lead to marriage (which is what we asked, since we didn’t want to waste our time & feelings on something that wasn’t going to last) and we went from there! Growing together spiritually and maturing in Christ and in love. Basically, God gave me the guy of my dreams..I remember seeing him as that one guy that’s too good for any girl to have because he was so individual and smart and adorable and ridiculously handsome (and he’s just been getting more amazing since) and basically the Lord made reality greater than any story I could’ve imagined for myself. I think it’s kinda His thing. He’s incredible.

    how old are you and your husband?

    I am 19 (in november) and he’s 23. :)