Pilate gave the people a choice of which prisoner to release. The people cried, “Barabbas!”

The great thing is that Jesus would’ve chosen the same thing.

Wow, so good.


Anonymous:  Do you wear make up? if so what do you use? your skin looks so flawless.

Thank you that is so sweet!! :) I actually don’t use any makeup except mascara! I recently lost it so I don’t even know what it’s called anymore. But it’s a wide red tube with gold cap, and I also use a clean brush from another mascara I used to have (that they don’t make anymore) to clean through the mascara I use generally so it’s not clumpy and not a lot and it helps make it look more natural (but mascara hardly looks natural so its not too much help haha, just spreads it out more). And for my face I just wash it before bed, but not often and I should do it more lol! And then every morning I wash it :) and it’s all just with water.

" Life would be so much easier if we just told people how we felt. There’s noting wrong with telling someone that you love them, or that it hurts your feelings when they do something, or that you miss them. But we’re all just too scared to let people know how we actually feel. "
" My generation is gruesomely lonely, but in response, we don’t need another handout, another kind gesture, or a better bible study. We don’t need more people that will merely know our name and address or care for us sporadically and at arms length.

We need big, reimagined, Jesus kind of love, and people willing to sacrifice themselves in order to live it with us. We need people who will love us enough to get messy.

So be deeply involved. Be covered in someone’s tears. Be the person who gets the call at midnight. Be the person who hears the gory details when someone’s marriage or career falls apart. Be the person who tells someone the hard stuff that they need to hear but no one wants to say. Be the person who repeatedly gets someone else’s mud and blood all over you. Be the person who goes home a little uncomfortable at night, not because of your behavior and thoughts, but because you’ve been near enough to someone else’s.

Be a family member to the lonely, messy people of this world, and to my generation. "

Place me like a seal over your heart,

like a seal on your arm;

for love is as strong as death,

its jealousy unyielding as the grave.

It burns like blazing fire,

like a mighty flame.

Many waters cannot quench love;

rivers cannot sweep it away.

If one were to give

all the wealth of one’s house for love,

it would be utterly scorned.